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Love of Riding Helps Mother Fight Obesity

Riding can help you to keep your weight down but if you become too overweight then riding simply isn’t an option. Karen Wright was an enthusiastic equestrian until she had her three children and ballooned to 23 stone. She was overweight for 20 years but eventually became determined to do something about it and the thought of riding again was the motivation she needed.

Unhealthy Diet

Karen had started piling on the pounds when her kids were young. She had been eating the leftovers off of their plates as she didn’t like waste. Her busy life meant that she had defaulted to unhealthy convenience foods for her meals. She had ensured that her children had a healthy diet but had neglected her own. When the scales eventually showed that she weighed 23 stone she knew that it was time to do something about it. She wanted to ride again but felt that this would be impossible unless she shed several stone.

Making Changes

With the help of Slimming World, Karen started to shed the pounds. A healthy diet and sensible portion sizes soon had a positive effect on her figure and the 40-year-old eventually lost an impressive 9 stone. After 20 years away from riding, she was ready to climb back into the saddle again.

Riding in Spain

The magic moment came during a holiday to Spain. Karen treated herself to a trail ride and was able to enjoy the beautiful scenery on horseback. But she couldn’t see it very clearly due to her tears of joy! She was reminded of what she had been missing for so many years and couldn’t wait to do it again.

Health Scare

As it turned out, it was a good job that Karen lost the weight when she did because her slimmer figure revealed a serious health issue. As the weight started to come off, Karen was curious as to why her legs, arms and boobs were getting smaller at the same rate but her stomach seemed to be lagging behind. She was also aware than her slimmer figure should have helped her energy levels but she still felt lethargic.

Tests revealed that Karen had pre-cancerous cells in her uterus. She was suffering from Hyperplasia which enlarges the effected organ. Karen need a hysterectomy but at least her condition was discovered in time. Her surgery did cause her to gain some weight again and she was not able to ride for a few weeks. But her weight is now under control and she is back in the saddle.

The desire to ride again inspired Karen to lose weight and ended up saving her life by revealing a serious condition requiring urgent treatment. Riding really can save your life!


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