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Petition For Protection of Police Horses and Dogs

A Hertfordshire traffic police officer has started an online petition calling for the status of police horses and police dogs to be raised to that similar to an officer. The aim is to protect the animals by making assailants think twice about attacking them. If they are afforded similar status to police officers, the penalties for assaulting or killing the animals would be much more severe than they are currently.

Criminal Damage

Under the existing legislation, an attack on a police horse or police dog is treated as criminal damage. If the animals are given an enhanced status, then such an attack would be treated as assault or attempted murder.

Vicious Attack Injures Police Dog Finn

The petition was started in the wake of a vicious attack on a police dog in Stevenage. Brave German Shepherd Finn was critically injured when trying to take down an armed robber. The man was suspected of having robbed a taxi driver at gunpoint. Poor Finn was stabbed in the head and chest. One of the stab wounds perforated his lung and the dog required 4 hours of surgery to save his life. Part of his lung was removed during the surgery.

Recovering Well

Finn is now recuperating but it will be several weeks before it is known whether or not he will be able to return to duty. His handler was also injured in the attack and is recovering well. He said: ‘The bond between a handler and his dogs is second to none. Seeing my partner stabbed was one of the worst days of my life.’

Parliamentary Debate

Over the years, many police horses and police dogs have been killed or injured in the line of duty. Senior officials have said that the existing law does not afford sufficient protection to the animals but all that could be about to change. The Government must respond to petitions launched on if they receive at least 10,000 signatures. Those which receive at least 100,000 signature are considered for parliamentary debate.

At the time of writing the petition in question has received over 118,000
signatures. It has been well-publicised and is likely to attract further support. So parliament could soon be debating what is now being described as Finn’s Law.

Sign the Petition

Police horses and dogs are so often in the front line of the fight against crime and they really should receive the status and protection that they deserve.


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