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Pinto Needs Horse Whitening Shampoo

Pinto - The Horse That Plays Dead

Horses are all very much individuals. They all have their idiosyncrasies and some are truly unique characters. Take Pinto the grey pony whose favourite game is to play dead! His poor owners must have a tough time trying to keep him clean and probably get through a lot of horse whitening shampoo (which got me thinking...) but first here is a recap on Pinto's antics.


Playing Possum and Mooing Like a Cow

A North Texan couple bought a cute white pony for their grandchildren but Pinto soon started to exhibit the most bizarre behaviour. His favourite trick is to play dead in his paddock. He lies on his back with his feet in the air. This regularly causes passers-by to report that there is a dead horse in the field. Owners Mark and Kelley have become exasperated by his performances as they are constantly called by people telling them that their horse has died.

Even more strangely Pinto is given to mooing like a cow!

A Star is Born

Recently an electrical contractor phoned the Texan couple in distress because he thought he had seen a dead pony with rigor mortis! This call prompted the owners to go down to the field to film Pinto’s antics. The video was posted on YouTube and Facebook and then quickly became an internet sensation. The video has been viewed over 180,000 of times but we thought that we would share it again!


It is hard to say what is more funny – the horse or the owner’s exasperation.

Job Offers

The video has been followed by further footage such has been the interest in Pinto’s act. People from all over the world have contacted Pinto’s owners and they have even had offers to become horse trainers. The trouble is that Pinto was never trained to perform his trick.

Pinto and Horse Whitening Shampoo

Pinto now has his own Facebook page and is quite the star. He must also be hard work to care for as a white horse rolling around in the dirt every day means a lot of washing and horse whitening shampoo. Perhaps there is a commercial opportunity for Pinto’s owners right there. Pinto could become the poster boy for a horse whitening shampoo!

Pinto is certainly a great character and clearly loves the attention that he gets from performing his routine.


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