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Prince Harry to Learn From The Original Horse Whisperer

Monty Roberts, a Californian cowboy, is a global celebrity thanks to the innovative techniques he developed to communicate with horses. He has been working with the Queen’s horses for 25 years. Monty is now set to teach Prince Harry his methods so that the Royal can work with veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.
The Prince is aware of Monty’s work and is now keen to learn more. Ex-servicemen and women can benefit greatly from working with horses. Prince Harry has been supporting sick and wounded veterans through several projects including his successful Invictus Games and believes that horses could hold the key to helping those with PTSD.

Monty and the Monarch

Marvin Earl "Monty" Roberts is the son of a horse trainer but doesn't agree to the methods used by his father. He has described these as battering horses into submission. He believes that horses have their own non-verbal language which humans can tap into and use to communicate with the them. His natural horsemanship garnered him an impressive reputation. He has been the subject of three television documentaries and the Hollywood movie, The Horse Whisperer, starring Robert Redford.

The Queen first invited Monty Roberts to Windsor in 1989. She had sent an emissary over to California to make an approach to Roberts who initially thought that he was the victim of a wind up! But the visit was no joke and he soon found himself in the UK training the Queen’s horses. The Queen now considers Monty to be a personal friend, even naming one of her corgis after him!

Helping the Military

The Horse Whisperer is now 81 years old but still travels to the UK regularly and often stays at Sandringham. In 2014 he spent a day teaching his methods to veterans at a Help for Heroes centre and he has also given classes to US military veterans at his ranch in California. Hopefully he will be able to teach some of skills to Prince Harry. Research has shown that spending time with horses can really help those with psychological disorders. Including riding or simply caring for them. Spending just 3 hours or more interacting with horses can help reduce the symptoms of PTSD. Therefore, Prince Harry could be about to do a whole lot of good!


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