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Rider Banned from Keeping Horses

How can anyone let their horse get into such as terrible condition? 22-year-old Charlotte McPherson from Kidderminster posted selfies on social media which featured her incredibly skeletal ex-racehorse. Dozens of animal lovers saw pictures of her horse Thor, which were taken at a fun ride, and were shocked by his condition. She was then reported to the RSPCA.

Public Shame

Charlotte McPherson had covered Thor with an exercise sheet prior to the public ride. Therefore concealing his condition from the organisers. The Thoroughbred had protruding bones and was in appalling condition and yet Ms McPherson continued to ride him. When pictures of the event were uploaded online, it didn’t take long for people to notice that there was a problem.

Court Appearance and Punishment

Ms McPherson was charged with causing unnecessary suffering by failing to investigate and treat the cause of his poor body condition. As well as failing to protect him from pain, suffering, injury and disease by riding him in this state. She admitted animal cruelty at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court and was handed a ban from keeping horses for 10 years. She also received a 12- month community order to undertake 160 hours of unpaid work and was ordered to pay costs.

Treatment for Thor

After the RSPCA intervened in the case, Thor was treated by the Retraining of Racehorses charity. He has now been re-homed. The RSPCA inspector who handled the case has stated that the horse had looked extremely unwell. Thor's condition had been rated zero out of five by the vet who examined him. The horse had a sore on his spine where the saddle would sit and so was in pain whilst being ridden.

Following an examination, it became apparent that Thor's drastic weight loss was caused by a high worm egg count. This was as a result of not being wormed properly. Thankfully Thor, an ex-racehorse formally known as Hoare Abbey, is now doing well. He recovered quickly and is really enjoying life at his new home.

Event Organiser Horrified by Horse’s Condition

Neville Cope, 74, organised the fun ride at which the revealing pictures were taken. He said: . Mr Cope explained that the condition of the horse had not been noticed until the exercise sheet was removed at the end of the event. He had never seen a horse in such terrible condition.

One wonders why the vet at the event did not remove that exercise sheet to have a proper look at the horse. There seems little point in having a vet to check horses, if the examination is only cursory.


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