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Running Shoes For Horses

Athletic footwear has changed dramatically in recent years. Sporty people are now able to enjoy shoes made from synthetic technical fabrics which help to improve both comfort and performance. Modern athletic shoes absorb impacts, wick moisture, protect feet from the elements and boast a liberal dose of styling. Riding boots have come in leaps and bounds too but what about horseshoes?

Well, horses’ shoes have changed little in the last 2,000 years. Until now!

Megasus Horserunners

Austrian couple Louisa and Charly Forstner have invented a new kind of shoe that could literally spark a revolution. Megasus Horserunners are running shoes for horses which clip onto hooves. The plastic shoes should make life more comfortable for horses and help to prevent injuries.

The Forstners had spent years fitting metal shoes to their horses’ hooves and felt that there had to be a better way. They came up with a concept for a new kind of plastic clip-on shoe and a successful crowdfunding campaign has enabled them to make their innovative shoes a reality.

Shock Absorbing and Simple to Fit

Megasus Horserunners are fashioned from shock-absorbing plastics. The shoes help to increase stability on uneven terrain and to reduce any vibrations. Unlike steel shoes, Horserunners move with the hooves and can be removed quickly and easily when required. The high performance fastening system means that the shoes are simple for anyone to put on and take off. They clip onto the metal horseshoes to create durable additional protection that is kind to horses’ bodies.

Study and Research

The Forstners claim their shoes will help to strengthen horses’ tendons and will improve their mobility. The couple had been studying horse hooves for twenty years and believed that horse anatomy had been greatly misunderstood. Hooves had been treated as rigid structures but in 1998 the Forstners proved the existence of vertical hoof movement. Megasus Horserunners will allow three-dimensional hoof movements when horses are running on any type of terrain.

New Shoes in 2017

The revolutionary shoes should be available to equestrians from the middle of next year. It will be interesting to see how horses and riders get on with them and to what extent they really make a difference. They could represent a whole new way of doing things and make life more comfortable for both horse and rider.

It has taken 2000 years but horseshoes could be about to change forever. You can read more about the Megasus Horserunners on their .


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