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Seat Savers For Saddles & Other Comfy Tips

No matter how much you love riding your horse, there may be times when you can feel uncomfortable. This is especially true if you like to go on longer rides. But don’t just accept the pain!

Rather than resigning yourself to short rides, or living with the discomfort, why not take a look at our tips for comfortable riding? We can help you to discover the accessories which will help and the techniques that you can use to improve your comfort, no matter how long you have been in the saddle.

Seat Savers for Saddles

One of the easiest ways to maximise your comfort is to purchase good seat savers for saddles. These are soft covers that attach to the top of the saddle where you sit and are there to 'save your seat'. They are easy to attach so you can quickly pop a seat saver on the saddle whenever you need it.

These clever accessories are designed to ensure that you feel great, even when you have been riding for hours. They are often covered with fleece or faux fur. These seat savers for saddles provide excellent cushioning, relieve pressure and will also help to keep you warm on colder days. Getting a really cold bottom is certainly one way to ruin a good ride!

Make sure you have the right saddle

If you have bought a new saddle for your horse, then it is important that you try it out to ensure that is right for you both. A saddle should be seen as an investment for the long term. It is a significant investment but you can’t afford to scrimp on quality if you plan to spend a considerable amount of time in your saddle. If your saddle is problematic then you should really purchase a new one carefully check the fitting. This might be an expense that you wish to avoid but a new saddle could make all the difference.


Nerves can cause you to tense your muscles which in turn can make you feel uncomfortable. If you are new to riding or have recently had a fall that is leaving you feeling nervous then try to relax and remember to breathe (I know this sounds obvious). You can tense up without even realising it. Perhaps take a friend riding with you, on horseback or even on a bike if your horse is happy with it.  Having some reassurance can really help to calm you. You will soon feel the benefit of this and can begin to enjoy your riding once more.

Look at your riding style

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort when riding, then you should seek advice regarding the way you ride. If you are favouring one side or perhaps sitting off-centre in the saddle, then this can place extra strain on your body as well as your horse.

There is sure to be someone at your local stables or riding school who can advise you as to where you may be going wrong. You may not realise that you have a problem but it could be obvious to others. Alternatively if your school has a large mirror then you can have a look as you are riding or get a friend to film you so you can analyse your own position.

These are just some of the ways that you can improve how you feel during your next ride. The important thing is to remember is that you should not accept pain and discomfort when riding. A few small changes could mean that you ride in a great deal more comfort.

Seat Savers at Equi Supermarket

Equi Supermarket have a fantastic range of seat savers for saddles and other great saddle accessories to maximise your comfort. You never know, one of these could be the solution to your problem.


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