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Spillers Horse Feed - The First Prepared Feed

It is impossible to know the precise date when horses first became domesticated. The latest archaeological discoveries suggest that it could have been as early as 3500BC. Mankind’s relationship with the horse has certainly been a long one. We have been breeding horses to transport us, to carry us into battle, to pull agricultural equipment and to race for over 5000 years. The horse has played an instrumental role in the development of human civilisation. But it was only relatively recently that the first prepared horse feed was created.

The First Prepared Horse Feed

That feed was the Horse and Pony Cubes produced by Spillers. The cubes were originally launched in 1958 and were the first of the Spiller horse feed range. Much more is now known about equine nutrition and the company have continued to modify the cubes but they are still available today and are as popular as ever.

Expanding Range

Spillers were to establish themselves as industry leaders in equine nutrition. Their range has been expanded over the years and now features an impressive collection of Spillers horse feed and treats to suit all horses. Products include feeds for senior horses, stud horses and race horses together with balancers, conditioning feeds and competition mix. Each product is developed following extensive scientific research.

Continuing Research

The team at Spillers continue to research equine nutrition in order to create the best formulas to benefit horses. They collaborate with nutritionists and vets across the world. This helps them to understand the impact of nutrition on horses’ health, behaviour and performance. The product range is always a work in progress as new discoveries are made and new solutions found. Many of the team are horse owners themselves and understand equestrians’ concerns about the welfare of their animals.

Helping Hand

If you have concerns about your horse’s nutrition then it could be worth contacting Spillers. They operate their "Care Line" to provide expert advice for equestrians. Able to offer advice regarding weight issues, behavioural problems, laminitis and breeding problems, the expert team could help you to improve your horse’s health by making the right changes to its diet. If you own ten or more horses then it is even possible for a Spillers nutritional expert to visit your stables.

Just as with the human diet, these days much more is understood about equine nutrition and horse feed will always continue to evolve. Spillers are dedicated to producing the finest equine nutrition and always utilise the latest scientific discoveries to improve their products. They carefully monitor production processes to ensure that they adhere to the highest standards.

Spillers Horse Feed at Equi Supermarket

We are proud to stock Spillers horse feed here at Equi Supermarket. They are an important feature of our comprehensive range of the world’s finest equine feeds. We are confident that you will find everything you need to provide your horse or horses with the perfect diet for their needs.


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