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Stable Cats - Must Have Moggies

Conventional wisdom says that a dog is man’s best friend and that a cat is a cat’s best friend! Cats have a reputation for independence and aloofness which suggests that they are not really domesticated animals at all. Of course, this is a rather silly notion because the majority of house cats are truly domesticated. They are also rather attached to their owners and certainly used to their home comforts. But the cat is a tenacious and versatile animal which is also well-suited to a somewhat less luxurious lifestyle - such as the stables or yard.

Feral Cats

Many cats around the world lead completely feral lives and they are generally rather impressive survivors. They are skilled at seeking out sources of food and they are excellent hunters. Their hunting skills and independent ways make them ideal for life at the yard. If your stables do not benefit from a feisty feline, then it might be time to find yourself a suitable moggie.

Stable Cats

Cats provide excellent vermin control and that is a major boon at any stables. You do need to ensure that the cats have an adequate supply of food and water and you will have to budget for the vet’s bills, but cats don’t cost the earth. Your moggies could save you a fortune by keeping vermin from raiding your feed, damaging the fabric of your buildings and spreading disease.

Which Cat?

But when it comes to the stables, you can’t just introduce any furry friend. A cat that has been living the high life in a cosy home is not going to take kindly to living at a yard. It wouldn’t be fair to the animal to introduce a pampered feline to life at the stable. Long haired cats are also a poor choice as they require constant grooming and are unsuited to getting dirty.

What you need is a cat that is used to a feral life or which has always lived at a farm or a yard. A quick search online will reveal that there are plenty of suitable cats in need of new homes. You can opt to allow the cats into your home if you live on site. However, as long as they have somewhere to escape the worst of the elements, the cats will do just fine. A barn or a tack room is an ideal place for them to sleep and you can give them a helping hand by providing a cat bed and a blanket. They quite enjoy a hot water bottle too!

Great Additions to the Stables

In addition to controlling those pesky rodents stable cats are generally just great to have around. Their antics can be very amusing and they are often pretty friendly chaps into the bargain.


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