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Thanks to Small Hole Hay Nets

A healthy, happy horse; all thanks to small hole hay nets.

Making sure that your horse eats the right amount of food can be tricky. Horses are naturally inclined to nibble throughout the day which can lead to overeating. One of the easiest ways to help maintain a healthy diet and a healthy horse is with a small hole hay net.

What are they?

Also known as slow feed nets, these small hole hay nets are designed to force your horse to east slowly. They are often made from durable, hardwearing materials and will feature holes that are around 3.5cm to 5cm square. This is the ideal size for a horse to eat through.

How can they help?

Overeating can be a big problem for horses, not only does it often lead to weight gain but can also cause imbalances in their metabolism. In fact, horses that stand for hours without food and then binge on an over packed hay can be at risk from gastric ulcers.

It is thought that the maximum amount of time that a horse should be left without food is 4 hours.

But why is this a problem?

In the wild, horses sleep for a maximum of 4 hours every day, the rest of their time is spent looking for food. Their digestive systems will produce acids whether the stomach is full or empty. This means that damage can occur unless they have food in there to digest.

Enter the small hole hay nets

Thanks to the size of its holes, a small hole hay net only allows a horse to take small amounts of food at a time. This means that the chances of overeating are reduced as well as keeping them eating over a longer period.

In addition, a haynet of this type doesn't need to be filled every few hours. Perfect for those horse owners who are always greeted by less than impressed, hungry horses when you get to the stables.

The nets are particularly useful during the winter months when you are likely to stable your horse for longer. The nets counter boredom by your horse something to nibble on but slowly.

Another great plus point of using these hay nets is that they cut down on wasted hay where horses grab large amounts and then drop it on the floor or over the stable door out of reach. This in turn reduces the amount you need to buy.

So just how long can they last?

Once a horse is used to using a small hole hay net it can supply food for up to 24 hours. Now that is pretty impressive.

Small hole hay nets could be the key to regulating your horse’s diet, foiling weight gain and keeping your horse occupied in the stable. Isn't it incredible how a simple change to a common accessory can make such a huge difference? It makes you wonder why it took so long for the idea to emerge! If you need a small hole hay net then we have a great selection here at Equi Supermarket.


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