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The Earth Friendly Yard Tips

We all know that our planet is threatened by global warming. In addition, population growth, consumerism and our wasteful ways mean that the Earth’s natural resource are rapidly depleting. The situation cannot be ignored and we all have a role to play in securing the future of the planet. That means adopting the right practices at the yard as well as in the home. So here’s what you can do to be a little more green!

Conserve Water

Water could become an extremely costly commodity in the future if we don’t all take steps to conserve our supplies. It is hard to imagine a water shortage when you have endured incessant downpours in the winter, but they can and do happen. The available water will be shared between more and more people in the future and many industrial and agricultural processes drink huge amounts of this precious resource.

Your horse requires a constant supply of drinking water and you need water to wash them down. If you conserve water then you will be helping the planet and you could also be saving yourself from a huge problem if there is a water shortage during the summer.

Start by investing in a water butt or even several. These can be used to collect a supply of rainwater and are best connected to the downpipe of your guttering in order to collect run-off from the roof. You can use this water for washing down and filling buckets. If you own the yard then consider installing deep-flow gutters to maximise rainwater capture.

Try hard not to leave taps running as it is surprising how much water can be wasted in just a few seconds.

Save Energy

You can save energy and cut your bills at the same time by making sure that you turn off lights and chargers when they are not in use. You should also take care not to leave electric fencing on unnecessarily. It really helps if you replace any standard lightbulbs or halogen spotlights with energy-saving alternatives. Small changes can make a big difference if everyone plays their part in saving energy.

Carbon Footprint

The transportation of goods has a serious impact on our carbon footprints. You can help to reduce yours by clubbing together with other owners when it comes to purchasing bedding and feed. Bulk deliveries are earth-friendly and you can save money by investing in full pallets.

Reduce Waste in Landfill

It is astonishing how much waste ends up in landfill quite unnecessarily. You can help improve the situation by being conscientious about recycling. You will make a big difference if you reuse or repurpose as much of your equipment as possible. A leaky bucket is still useful for storage and old sacks and containers can be offered to gardeners who need to carry away manure.

With a few small changes you could make a huge improvement to your carbon footprint, reduce the amount of non-biodegradable material sent to in landfill and save water. Better still, by helping the planet you will also save money and we all like doing that!


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