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The Horse With No Tail

Hair extensions are extremely popular in the UK and are an industry estimated to be worth an incredible £60m per annum. But people are not the only ones who can benefit from this growth industry (pardon the pun).

Bob the Bay

Bob is a resident of the Fernie Animal Sanctuary in Chard, Somerset. He is a 20-year-old bay gelding who was taken in by the sanctuary following the death of his owner. Unfortunately, Bob arrived with no tail as a previous carer had applied a wet bandage to keep his tail tidy and inadvertently left it on for too long. The tail hairs died leaving Bob with quite a predicament.

Lonely Horse

Bob had experienced trouble making friends at the sanctuary because he had no tail. He wasn’t able to swat flies off of his own body or to brush insects off the faces of other horses. This meant that he was shunned and became a rather lonely chap.

Tail Extensions

The sanctuary decided to help Bob acquire a new tail and posted a Facebook message appealing for donations to cover the cost of a hair piece for him. They initially hoped to raise £80 and their followers didn’t let them down. Better still, an expert who makes tail extension for horse shows heard about poor Bob and donated a hairpiece which they had made. Bob retained some hair of his own and so the extension could be plated in. Bob soon found himself with an impressive and lustrous new tail!

New Friends

A much happier Bob then started to make new friends at the sanctuary. He now enjoys spending time with his pals Oliver, Gordon and Beau. Staff at the Fernie Animal Sanctuary are hoping that Bob’s new tail will last for a few years if they care for it well. The extension is removed every month to be detangled and washed and then plaited back into Bob’s own hair.

Bob doesn’t need his tail extension during the winter as there are less flies around but between April and October. However, in the summer he now has the tail he needs to swish away to his heart’s content.

Human hair extensions are generally an investment in aesthetics. But for a horse missing their tail, extensions are about much more than an improved look. Bob’s new tail has made life much more comfortable for him and enabled him to find the friends that he needed.


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