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Time for Horse Riding Headbands

Horse riding headbands may not be at the top of your equestrian shopping list but perhaps they should be! This useful accessory is a great addition to your equestrian wardrobe and has no end of uses!
Time for a headband?
I had never considered investing in a headband of any kind until I started running again after many years of inactivity. I chose a very hot day in July to run for the first time in years and my outing did not end well. Not only did I find that I could run less than a mile before I was hanging over a fence in the park fighting for breathe, I was also sweating so much in the heat that I couldn’t see where I was going. This is probably why I found myself well off the beaten track and standing in a cow field!

My wardrobe clearly needed some attention and so I immediately pinched one of my partner’s headbands. This changed everything as I could then run without sweat getting in my eyes. I also realised that my hair was no longer flapping in my face and that I didn’t look such a mess.

At the Stables

All this got me thinking. My hair was never an issue when I was wearing a riding hat but when I was at the stables I was forever having to flick my hair back as I worked. Especially when out poo picking the fields where it can get quite windy. Strands of hair always seem to work loose even when tied up and find their way into my eyes or I would end up eating it! When you think about it, there is quite a lot of hanging your head upside down when grooming horses too.

It was time for another headband but this time I didn’t pinch one, I bought one. I browsed a variety of horse riding headbands and found a particularly appealing sheepskin one which kept my hair under control. It also kept my ears cosy and warm on colder days. My ears have never reacted well to the wind and I have always ended up in pain. The headband cured the problem completely. That got me thinking again, this time about skiing!

On the Slopes

My head was always warm when I was wearing my ski helmet but when I stopped for a coffee, which I did quite often, I would take my helmet off to reveal hair like a bird’s nest. Sitting outside admiring the snowy peaks also meant that my ears would freeze and I would quickly start to feel cold. It was time for another headband! This time a faux fur number which looked really cool and which was also great for cold days at the stables.

I now have several headbands fashioned in different fabrics. I don’t have to worry about sweating when I run and I can now run 8 miles without any trouble or wandering accidentally into a cow field. It's great to spend time at the stable without my ears feeling like they are going to drop off and I can take a break whilst skiing without showing off my deeply uncool hair.

Horse riding headbands are simply brilliant. They are extremely affordable and you don’t have to worry about size because one size fits all. Headbands are less bulky than hats so you can pop them in your pocket when you don't need them. You can even enhance your outfits with cool and funky styles. What more could you ask for?


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