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Top Tips for Caring for Leather Riding Boots

There’s nothing quite like a gorgeous new pair of leather boots! It can take time to find exactly the right pair and you may have to spend a significant chunk of your hard-earned cash to get them. It makes sense to take care of your boots so that you are able to enjoy them for longer. Otherwise, you could find that once a little wear has maximised their comfort, your boots are already on a fast track to the scrap heap.

Keep Your Riding Boots Clean!

You may be the sort of person that takes off your boots at the end of the day and tosses them into the nearest cupboard. But this won’t do anything to prolong the life of your leather! Clean your boots before storing them and you will almost certainly prolong their useful life. You should clear off any accumulated debris and then allow any mud to dry before using a brush to remove it.

Store your boots in dust bag or box to keep them free of dust whilst in the cupboard and, if you own several pairs of shoes and boots, label your boxes to enable you to quickly find the pair you want to wear.

Oiling and Polishing Your Riding Boots

If you use your boots a lot then it pays to treat them to an oil or polish every few days. This will keep the leather supple and your boots will look their beautiful best! Start by removing any dirt and debris. Give your boots a good brushing to remove anything which is potentially abrasive and then oil and polish with your chosen product. Always ensure that you polish every section of the leather.

Keep Your Leather Boots Dry

Water and leather can be a bad cocktail! It could be best to wear alternative footwear in wet conditions. A boot dryer will be a useful investment and you should clean and polish your boots as soon as they are dry to feed the leather.

Keep More Than One Pair

It is best to invest in more than one pair of Riding Boots. This will enable you to rest a pair after you have oiled them and to save your favourite pair for special occasions, shows and the best weather conditions.

Repairing Your Boots

It is always worth finding a good cobbler. Although less common than they used to be, these craftsmen are still around. The soles and heels of your boots are likely to give up the ghost before the rest of your boot and your cobbler will be able to attend to these areas and so prolong the life of your footwear. Don’t wait until the boots have almost fallen apart before getting them repaired as it could be too late for your cobbler to save them!

A favourite pair of boots is something to treasure and so it makes sense to look after them properly. If you clean them after every wear, polish them regularly and get damage repaired before it becomes terminal, you can enjoy your luxurious leather boots for longer.


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