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Top Tips for Enhancing Security at Your Yard

If you are a horse owner, you already know how important it is to keep your equine friends safe. When it comes to security, you should only want the best for your horses, as having inadequate security could result in your horses being stolen along with any equipment that you own.
To keep your horses safe, there are many different routes you could take. Burglar alarms are good options and will alert you or the police if someone is attempting to enter your premises. There is also an excellent scheme called Horsewatch. This is a group of people who regularly get together in order to create a network of information to help prevent equine crime.

How Do I Keep Equipment Safe?

We all know that equestrian equipment is expensive and there are some people out there who will undoubtedly steal yours if presented with the opportunity. For this reason, it is advisable to do what you can to identify your equipment as yours and to prevent it from being stolen in the first place.

Rugs & Saddlery

Firstly, all equestrian equipment should be clearly marked up with your security register number, along with your postcode and should then be locked away when it is not in use. In the event of theft, it will always be easier for you if you are in possession of a detailed inventory which lists all of your equipment.

If you have not yet marked up your equipment, you can do so by engraving the relevant information onto metal items, such as clippers or stirrup bars. Permanent dyes are a good way to emboss leather goods. Where rugs are concerned, you can use paint or permanent markers.

Trailers & Horseboxes

If your equestrian vehicles are left unattended in an unsecure location, they can easily be stolen and could be driven many miles in a short space of time. This will make it extremely hard for you track their movements. Thieves can also easily alter the appearance of your vehicle so that it is difficult to identify. Thieves do this so that they can quickly sell on your equestrian vehicle to an unsuspecting buyer.

To prevent this from happening, secure your trailers with wheel locks and hitches and if possible and stored in a locked garage or barn.

How Do I Keep My Premises Secure?

Whether you have the best security possible, or no security at all, thieves will try their luck anyway. It pays to make life as difficult for them as you possibly can.

Improve Yard Security

Equipment which is most attractive to thieves should be securely stored and out of sight. These include items such as ladders or wheelbarrows, as these are easy to grab quickly and could also be the very things which lure thieves into your yard in the first place. If you have gates to your yard, they should be padlocked whenever you are not present. To prevent thieves from lifting off the gates, precautions such as welding the hinges or reversing them may help.

Sensor-operated floodlights could act as a deterrent and will make intruders more visible. Using these security lights along with burglar alarms should stop many intruders in their tracks. If the budget allows it consider investing in CCTV.

Remember, better safe than sorry!


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