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Top Tips for Protecting Your Horse & Equipment at Competitions

It would be nice to think that everyone you encounter at an equestrian event is as scrupulous as you. But that is not going to be the case.

Wherever there is an element of competition, there will be those who will employ any means possible to gain an advantage. Jealous or vengeful riders may even attempt to dope or attack horses. Equestrians are also at risk from the activities of common criminals. Thieves may target the large amounts valuable tack and equipment stored at events.
It certainly pays to be vigilante when you are competing and you should always do everything you can to secure your horse and your possessions.

Top tips for enhancing your security

  • When travelling to and from events, don’t drop your guard when you stop for a break. Always leave someone with your vehicle and if you have to leave vehicles unattended, lock them!
  • Wherever you are, keep all valuables out of sight so you don’t attract attention to them. There is no point advertising what you have or creating a temptation for potential thieves.
  • Fit an alarm to your lorry or trailer.
  • Don’t leave valuables in your trailer overnight if at all possible. Try to source a more secure location for expensive items such as saddles.
  • Challenge anyone who seems to be taking an inappropriate interest in your vehicle or stall. If you let them know that you are suspicious then this might be enough to prevent them from targeting you.
  • Never leave your spare keys with your vehicle as thieves will be aware of all the likely hiding places. If you want the back up of a second set of keys, give them to someone that you trust.
  • If you or the other people with you are issued with identification at the event then don’t let anyone borrow this, no matter how reasonable their excuse appears to be.
  • Consider employing a security guard for your horse. This might seem like a costly enterprise but it takes a great deal of time and money to produce a successful horse. The fee for security could be a small price to pay to protect your investment.
  • Confirm with the event's organisers what security arrangements have been made if you are staying overnight. If there will be no security guards patrolling the stalls at night then this is when employing your own guard could be a wise decision. Speak to other riders as you could club together to cover the cost of security for your animals.
  • When staying overnight, take your tack back to your hotel with you.
  • Mark your tack to identify it as yours. If it is stolen then this will give you the best chance of recovering it. You could use data tags with tracking devices for expensive items. Thieves are far less likely to steal security tagged items and if they do pinch them then you just might be able to track them down.


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