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TopSpec Horse Feed - A Closer Look

Equi Supermarket proudly showcases TopSpec horse feed, feed balancers and supplements. Many equestrians regard TopSpec as one of the leading producers of feed balancers in the UK. So we thought that we should devote some time to showcasing this highly regarded range on our blog. We heavily feature TopSpec products in the Equi Supermarket range. It is always interesting to take a look at the people and the science behind the products that we stock.

Who Are They?

TopSpec is a British company who are devoted to equine nutrition. All products are researched, evolved and tested at Middle Park Farm in the beautiful surroundings of North Yorkshire. This is the company's own purpose-built nutrition research facility where the entire team are passionate about what they do. Their motto is "create without compromise".

The Range

The TopSpec horse feed range features conditioning and non-conditioning feed balancers. Their range includes feeds suited to horses of all ages and designed to address a variety of issues. Many equestrians who have given TopSpec balancers a try have reported impressive results. TopSpec Cubes (hard feeds) are available in grain free varieties if you prefer these. The latest addition to the range is UlsaKind Cubes.

After years spent searching for a nutritional solution for horses suffering from erosion of the gastric lining, TopSpec developed UlsaKind Cubes. Feeds which were low in starch and sugars were simply not effective enough and neither were the supplements available. Following on from research into human gastric ulcer treatment which revealed the effectiveness of β-glucans (Beta Glucans), UlsaKind cubes were developed and have proved to be enormously successful. β-glucans are polysaccharides which occur naturally in the cell walls of cereals, yeast, bacteria, and fungi.

UlsaKind Cubes have helped thousands of horses, including winning race horses, and word of the cube’s effectiveness has spread quickly.

Why Feed Balancers?

Horses in the wild have evolved to graze for up to sixteen hours each day and exist on a diet of pure roughage. In other words, the constitution of a horse lends itself to eating little and often. This is the best way to feed horses but busy lives make such a regime rather difficult to manage. TopSpec feed balancers deliver concentrated nutrition in a small amount of feed which enables forage to be provided as a high proportion of a horse’s diet rather than cereal based feeds.

Changing to TopSpec Horse Feed

If you would like to give then do remember that you should introduce a new diet to your horse gradually and over a period of several days. All horses should have access to salt licks. Heavily worked horses many require additional salt added to their diet. The balancers and cubes can be fed in conjunction with other additives such as garlic, calmers, joint supplements if required but best to check the ingredients and feeding instructions.

TopSpec also have a nutrition helpline available if you require specific advice for your horses dietary needs.


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