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Veteran Horse Feed for the Twilight Years

Horse’s now benefit from better husbandry, healthcare and nutrition than ever before. As a result they are living longer and many animals are able to remain working into their twilight years. However, as horses age their needs do change and this must be addressed by providing the right nutrition such as changing their diet to a veteran horse feed or specialist feed to help support them.

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The Signs of Ageing

Horses generally start showing the signs of ageing and to start losing condition between the ages of 15 and 18 depending on their breeding and lifestyle. The signs of ageing include grey hairs, weight loss, muscle loss, arthritis and cataracts. The condition of horses’ teeth will deteriorate and their digestive system become less efficient. Special attention must, therefore, be paid to their nutrition. This is to ensure that they receive the nutrients they need to remain happy and healthy for as long as possible.

Problems with Chewing

Veteran horses may experience difficulty in chewing due to the condition of their teeth. The inability to chew properly can mean that horses don’t receive the benefit of the goodness they need from the hay in their diets. It is essential to provide feeds which are easy to chew. It is crucial that their feeds feature a high concentration of nutrients. Senior horses cannot absorb vitamins and mineral as effectively as younger animals. They can also lose their appetite if they are experiencing pain due to arthritis.

Unexplained Weight Loss

If your horse is losing weight despite the provision of adequate quantities of feed then look out for discarded partly chewed forage and undigested cereals in their manure. These are both signs that your horse is aging and suffering the inevitable decline in their digestive function. You may also find uneaten food.

Phosphorus and Calcium

If horses fail to absorb sufficient levels of phosphorus this can lead to a calcium deficiency. This, in turn, will affect the strength of their bones. They require higher quantities of quality protein for energy but without ingesting too much soluble carbohydrate as this can pass through their system undigested or trigger digestive disorders.

Veteran Horse Feed

Veteran horse feeds are specially formulated to offer the required nutrients whilst being easy to chew, highly digestible and extremely palatable. They provide a high level of protein which aids muscle maintenance, metabolic functions and hoof quality. An elevated fat content provides valuable calories for weight maintenance together with the benefit of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Prebiotics and probiotics improve digestion and there are higher levels of phosphorus and calcium than in standard feeds. The soft pellets are easy to chew. However they can be mixed with warm water to form a mash if the horse had suffered extreme dental loss.

When your horse exhibits the signs of ageing then it is time to change their diet. Switch to one of the excellent veteran horse feeds available to improve their comfort and health. At Equi Supermarket we offer a and supplements from Saracen, Equerry, NAF, Spillers and Baileys. By carefully adjusting your horse’s diet you can ensure many more happy years together.

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