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Video of Miniature Stallion Goes Viral

A video of an incredible miniature horse has been watched over half a million times on Facebook. The star of the show is a four-year-old stallion called Spectacle of the Ark (Spectacle). The diminutive horse’s speciality is high dressage, specifically the Spanish Passo.

Dutch Yard

The horse was bred by Marianne Kloosterman and has been in training at Special Tiny Trotters in the Netherlands since November 2016. Spectacle’s trainer, Charlotte Van Gurp, has said that Spectacle is a happy little horse who enjoys his work. He showed such poise and so many different steps whilst walking that the yard moved him on to performing at a trot.

Gaining Balance

Apparently his early efforts were all over the place and really rather amusing. But his balance soon began to improve and the results were amazing. His stocky build was a disadvantage and made him look a little clumsy at first but now he is truly dancing. He continues to improve with training which includes plenty of positive reinforcement.

Spectacle is trained on a tennis court so that the ground is consistent all year round.

Negative Comments

The video has attracted thousands of likes and comments. Most of the comments have been favourable but some people have expressed concerns over the training methods that have been used. Some of the detractors went as far as to suggest that the horse was weighed down with equipment and that he was wearing weighted boots.

In fact, Spectacle was merely wearing bandages on his front legs in the video. He has not been forced to adopt any particular carriage and is carrying himself freely. Charlotte Van Gurp believes that certain horses are built to do special things and the training merely reinforces their skill and makes the horse more responsible for their actions. When the horse performs in the desired manner they are suitably rewarded.

More Miniature Dressage Stars?

Van Gurp hopes that the publicity which Spectacle has received will encourage more equestrians to train their miniature horses. They are as capable of performing dressage as larger animals.

There is no doubt that Spectacle looks enchanting. It is surprising to see such a small and compact horse delivering his moves with such grace and aplomb.


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