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What if McDonald's Served Leisure Mix Horse Feed?

Would you take your horse to McDonald’s? We suspect that you wouldn't! It is best to stick to something a little more in the norm such as a leisure mix horse feed when it comes to your horse’s nutrition and your horse should be left at the stable when you go in search of a meal for yourself. But this didn't stop one man from arriving at a McDonald’s drive-through with his horse and cart.

Health and Safety

This week a man attempted to order food at the Pilsworth McDonald’s drive-through whilst in his horse and cart. Unfortunately he was refused service on the grounds of health and safety and this sparked a serious argument. The man flew into a rage pointing out that horses have been on the roads for a great deal longer than cars. What that has to do with a burger restaurant is anybody’s guess!

The Highway Code

The server stuck to her guns and explained that it was in McDonald’s rules that horses were a health and safety hazard and could not be served. The man then demanded to see the rule book and accused the server of being a racist. The gentlemen concerned was a traveller. The server also enquired as to how the horse would know to wait in the queue.

The restaurant manager also joined the fray and explaining that "...for health and safety reasons, we're not allowed to serve horses in the drive-through".  Which would be an odd thing to see the horse itself being served. They probably wouldn't want a double cheese burger meal but it's entertaining to think of a horse being asked if he or she would like to 'go large' on their leisure mix horse feed.

The traveller became more aggressive as the argument continued and asserted that horses had more rights than cars in the Highway Code. Not that drive-throughs are mentioned in the Highway Code.

In the News

The traveller threatened to get the restaurant in the papers. As his friend was filming the entire episode, the incident did indeed receive a great deal of publicity after the video was posted online. The video has thus far had over 300,000 views on Facebook.

The man has now set up camp with his horse and cart in the McDonald's car park in protest and says he is staying where he is until he gets his point across.

Spoiling for a Fight

The cynics amongst you might be thinking that this traveller could have been spoiling for a fight. That view would be supported by the fact that the gentleman’s friends had already been served inside the restaurant. If all he had wanted was a meal then he could have had that a long time before attempting to drive his horse and cart into the drive-through lane. It seems the guy was looking for a confrontation and was happy to expose his horse to danger in order to get it.

A McDonald’s spokesman has since confirmed that the staff at the restaurant had followed the correct procedure. Although it is somewhat surprising to hear that McDonald's have a procedure for horses.

The traveller was taking a risk bringing his horse to the restaurant. With so many vehicles in close proximity and the hazards presented by the confines of the drive-through lane, he was putting his horse in potential danger. He could have caused the animal to become extremely anxious.

Go Large on Your Leisure Mix Horse Feed?

Perhaps he thought that the horse would enjoy a burger. You would hope the animal would have more sense than to eat one. Hopefully it received a good meal of horse feed after the episode.

Imagine if McDonald's did started offering an equine menu? Perhaps we would see a takeaway menu listing different types of feed such as conditioning mix, veteran, stud, competition and leisure mix horse feed. With a side of carrot sticks or apple slices perhaps? What supplements would you like with that? Pop it all in a feed bag and off you go!


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