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TopSpec is a British company which specialises in equine nutrition. Many equestrians believe TopSpec to be the producer of the finest equine feed balancers in the UK. All of TopSpec’s products are researched, developed and then tested at Middle Park Farm which is the company’s own purpose built facility. Situated in North Yorkshire, Middle Farm Park boasts a passionate team whose motto is “create without compromise”.

The TopSpec Range

TopSpec offer a comprehensive range of hard feeds, feed balancers and equine supplements. This includes both conditioning and non-conditioning feed balancers for horses of all ages. The feed balancers are formulated to provide exceptional nutrition and to address a variety of specific issues. The range also features the high regarded TopSpec Cubes. These hard feeds are available grain free varieties if this is your preference.

Feed Balancers

The concept of feed balancers requires little explanation as the name says it all! They are designed to balance the nutrition of horses. You may, however, ask yourself why they are necessary. Horses evolved to graze for up to sixteen hours per day. They naturally feed little and often but busy modern lifestyles make feeding horses in this way impractical for many owners who default to larger meals of hard feed. By using feed balancers you can provide a diet for your horse which is mainly forage whilst ensuring that they receive all the nutrients that they need.

UlsaKind Cubes

The newest additions to the TopSpec range are UlsaKind Cubes. Erosion of the gastric lining had been a perplexing issue which horse feeds low in starch and sugar had failed to address. Then research into human stomach ulcers revealed that β-glucans could prove effective. These are polysaccharides which occur naturally in the cell walls of cereals, yeast, bacteria, and fungi. This discovery caused a lightbulb moment at TopSpec which led to the creation of UlsaKind Cubes. These have helped many horses and have gained an impressive reputation.

The TopSpec team are all incredibly passionate about what they do and are devoted to developing the finest equine nutrition. We are certainly delighted to feature this most impressive range of feeds and balancers at Equi Supermarket and we offer a comprehensive selection of fine TopSpec products. Sometimes British really is best!