10 Things That All Horse Lovers Do

10 Things That All Horse Lovers Do

If you know a horse lover you might have noticed certain things that they do. It's easy to get into specific habits when you own a horse. Horses aren't cheap and looking after them is hard work. However, horses are wonderful creatures that can make a huge difference to your life. If you own or are mad about horses then here are 10 things that you probably do a lot.

  • Wear riding boots too much

You prefer Riding Boots to normal shoes. You have to wear them so often that you don't really see the point in taking them off.

  • Live in stable jeans

Whenever you buy a new pair of jeans they quickly become ruined and get converted into stable jeans. You spend most of your life in stable jeans.

  • Wake up at 5am

Horse lovers wake up at 5am even on a Sunday, because they have trained their body over the years to naturally wake up at sunrise. As soon as the sun rises it's time to tend to the the horses.

  • Have permanent hat hair

Hat hair comes with the territory of being a horse lover. You choose your hairstyles based on what will fit into/look good with your riding hat.

  • Wear clothes covered in horse hair

Horse hairs seem to get everywhere so you have given up trying to get them off your clothes.

  • Check the weather constantly

You have a weather app on your phone so you can easily check the weather. You need to know whether the weather is nice enough for a horse ride.

  • Spend a lot of money on the latest riding gear

Horse riding gear is addictive, and every time a new product comes out you must have it. You buy more horse riding gear than normal clothes.

  • Treat their horses better than they treat themselves

Your horse always comes first. Your spend more on their food than yours and you get them treatment for injuries before you sort yourself out. Anyone who associates with a horse lover knows their horse is always number 1.

  • Spend more time with horses than people

Sometimes you will cancel on social events in favour of spending time with your horse.

  • Constantly post pictures of their horse on social media

Because the world deserves to see how attractive your horse is.

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