How can easibed reduce your environmental impact?

Environmental impact and sustainability are not only trending topics in recent years, but important factors that affect our futures.

Investing in products that can help reduce your environmental impact is a great step towards being more sustainable in everyday life.

As equestrians this can be difficult, as a lot of reliable and effective products are not always the best for the environment, especially with horse bedding.

easibed dust free equine bedding is not only a consistently reliable and effective product that is cosy for your horse, but an environmentally friendly product that can help you reduce your environmental impact.

easibed is made from high-grade recycled wood that is expertly sorted so that the best wood is used for bedding your horses.

  • The rest of the recycled wood is sorted further for poultry bedding, fibre board and biomass to create energy that is used for electricity in the UK.
  • All Easiproducts are packaged in 100% recyclable wrapping, which can be recycled at your local recycling centre and repurposed for future use.  
  • Because Easibed wood fibre is free draining, all the wet will sink to the bottom of the bed. Less bedding is wasted because of this, and your horse’s bed will last longer.
  • Using a deep litter technique with your easibed also means less of the clean bedding will end up on the muck heap. You only need to take the wet out once it appears at the top of the bed.
  • Once easibed has been used in the stable and put onto the muck heap, it can be spread in your fields to decompose and rejuvenate your land. Because the wood fibres are small, this allows for the grass to grow in between each fibre.
  • easibed can also be used to dry out muddy and swampy parts of your fields, this is especially useful in cold, wet months.
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