Coping In The Rain When Riding

Coping In The Rain When Riding

A little bit of rain doesn't automatically mean that you are grounded. So long as the rain is not hammering down and the ground is fairly solid, a little rain is fine. It is best to avoid heavy showers though, as your horse probably won't like it and it could even be dangerous. Making sure you are wearing sensible waterproof clothing and considering your horse's needs will make light rain bearable while riding.

Keep Dry While Riding

If you know ahead of time that it is going to rain, or is likely to rain, then preparing for it is fairly straightforward. There are plenty of things you can do to keep dry and warm, including investing in waterproof over-trousers, breeches and Jodhpurs. There are also lots of affordable, waterproof riding jackets to choose from too. Don't forget your horse, either. There are waterproof exercise sheetson the market some of whichfit over saddles, and come with a hole on either side for the stirrups to be go through. While these exercise sheetswill keep your horse dry, they won't necessarily keep him warm in colder weather. However, there are some exercise sheets that are thermal and have insulation against the cold.

Coping Without a Ride

If you decide not to go riding in the rain, or if the rain is such that it may not be safe to go riding, then there are still other things to do while you cope with the disappointment. There are benefits to the bad weather, believe it or not, like the opportunity to complete the chores that you have been putting off in favour of riding. Your horse needs regular exercise, just like we do, but you have other things to do so finding the time to squeeze in some important jobs is sometimes a hard task on its own. With that in mind, you can use the odd rainy day as an opportunity to get stuff done! There are always small jobs that you can take care of, like cleaning your brushesor making sure your tack is in good order. A rainy day is also a great opportunity to give your horse a thorough grooming - not just a quick flick with the brush. All those extra things you might miss out on busy days. Give the mane and tail a proper comb and condition, perhaps even time for a trim or tidy up. Pick out, check and treat the hooves to protect them from the wet, muddy conditions. There is a great range of if you need to stock up. Get your arms working and give your equine pala good brush to banish the dust and dirt and help bring out the natural oils in their coats. It is a chance to spend some quality time with your horse and get them looking tip top.

Get Hardcore, with the Hardcore

If wet weather is a common theme, then you are probably familiar with poached land. You can help mitigate the effects of rain and hoof on land by laying down hardcore. Using hardcore at gate entrances will help prevent that area from becoming poached; we've all seen gate areas becoming so damaged that passage is much harder than it needs to be. There barely seems to be any time to do anything these days. Our lives are so hectic with studies, work, family and when we get down-time we are exercising our horses. It is very easy to neglect certain, important tasks. With that in mind, make the most of the rainy day and take care of the little chores, like the maintenance of your rugs. Mending and cleaning all your Horse Rugs can help keep you occupied, while you have the chance to take care of them. You will be thankful later, and your horse will be too.

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