Horse Much Does a Horse Cost?

Horse Much Does a Horse Cost?

Are you thinking about buying a horse? Before you make such a huge commitment you should know about the costs involved. There are quite a few hidden costs when it comes to owning a horse, and it can all start to add up before you realise how much you are spending. If you want to care for and look after your horse properly you will need the funds to be able to give them everything they need. Here are some of the key things you will have to spend money on if you own a horse.

Initial Purchase

Don't forget about the initial cost of buying a horse in the first place. Horses vary hugely in cost depending on the breed, quality and type of horse you are looking for. You can get a horse for anything from just under a grand up to hundreds of thousands of pounds. You need to look at your budget and decide what type of horse you can realistically afford.

Renting Land

If you aren't lucky enough to own your own land then you will need to pay to rent land or to have your horse based at a livery. The costs vary for this depending on whether you just rent a field, or pay to have your horse fully looked after at a livery. You can also have them based somewhere and do most of the work yourself which significantly reduces the costs, but it takes a lot of time and hard work.


You will need to spend money on adequate feed for your horse, this varies slightly throughout the year. Costs vary depending on which brand you choose and the size of your horse.


Tack includes things like a saddle, Reins and a Bridle. These are things you will need to have to be able to ride your horse.

Riding Equipment

You need to remember that it's not just the horse you will need to spend money on. You will need to buy yourself all the necessary riding gear and equipment such as a Riding Hats, Jodhpurs and good quality Riding Boots.


If you want to get your horse a pet passport or have them microchipped then this is an extra cost you will have to fork out for.


Bedding is an essential for horses, you will need to get shavings or straw which needs replacing regularly.

Hay & Straw

Horses kept in fields will need to have hay in the winter to compensate for the lack of grass and horses kept in stables will also need hay throughout the year.


Horses hooves need to be looked after and will require regular attention from a farrier. They need to be trimmed regularly and have shoes fitted and fixed.

On top of these core costs there are also many other additional costs that you may need to pay for such as:

  • Insurance
  • Vet Fees
  • Worming
  • Vaccinations
  • Dentistry
  • Grooming Equipment
  • Lessons
  • Transport
  • Stable & Cleaning Equipment
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