Funny Things Horses Do

Funny Things Horses Do

Horses can do some very funny, odd or down right silly things. Both when we are watching them and we we aren't! Some seem to enjoy making mischief in the field or stable and even when we are riding them. We often share stories and laughs about the silly things that our equine pals get up to. So we thought we would share some with you. Here is our selection of funny things horses do, including some you will have seen yourself, and others that perhaps you have not yet experienced. Enjoy!

Scared of Shadows

Spooking is one of those things that most of us come across when riding, but it's when the spook is complete unnecessary that it makes us chuckle. A horse sees a terrifying shadow monster on the ground or in the bush that is definitely going to jump up and attack them. Resulting in them prancing around like an idiot and jumping over or past it in a flurry of snorts. Then, not battering an eyelid as a brightly coloured van drives past.

Balancing Act

There is nothing worse than an itch you can't reach. Satisfying that itch is even more tricky when you don't have hands to reach it. So, 'certain equines' seem to think the answer to an itchy ear is to precariously balancing on three legs, and somehow managing to stretch a hind leg to scratch the offending ear. This ungainly balancing act looks hilarious - it sort of reminds you of a dog with fleas! Makes you wonder how on earth they can reach without falling over or kicking themselves in the head, and why they don't just scratch it against the stable door?

Head Rub

Now, when you are grooming your horse you know (very well) you are not going to finishing the job looking the same as when you started. Dust and dirt cleaned off of your horse seems to aim directly for your face / clothing / body etc. However, matters are not helped by a horse that decides as you are grooming them, . . . that they will groom you too! A nuzzling head massage means that hairdo is looking particularly bird-nest like by the time you are done. Very fetching!

Pardon You

Yes, we understand that flatulence is natural. However, why is it that your horse seems to find that the perfect time to break wind is when you are grooming their tail or picking out their back feet or generally working around the back end? Seriously, it's like they have planned it and held out for just that moment when you are in the vicinity!

Disappearing Act

We often put items down and then lose track of them. However, imagine you are in the stable with your horse, the missing item is a sponge, and there is no one else is around. It was there one second and gone the next. You have looked everywhere. You were literally just using it. It's difficult to come to any other conclusion, other than - the horse ate it! (Don't worry, the horse was fine but the sponge was never seen again).

Roly Poly

I've not seen many horses do this and I couldn't stop laughing when I first saw it. Normally, horses will have a good roll in the field when turned out, covering themselves in a good layer of mud or dust. Then stand up and look smugly at their owners staring in dismay as their grooming efforts are destroyed in seconds. One horse, has a wonderful and humorous way of ensuring they have even coverage when they roll. They lay down (no problem), have a good rub on one side (no problem), find they are unable to roll all the way over (problem - belly too big!), so they sit up like a dog and shuffle around before flopping ungracefully onto the other side (problem solved)!

Blackberry Picking

Ever seen a horse blackberry picking? Oh yes, those sweet treats are worth the effort of delicately picking out from between the prickles. It seems they are able to precisely and gently select the berries from the bush, which is such a contrast to seeing them scoff down feed or chomping huge mouthfuls of hay. So you can eat nicely!

Helping Hand

Poo picking isn't the most pleasant of jobs at the best of times - but have no fear, you horse is here! Well, they seem to think they are helping when they come along in the field and decide to play with, knock over, chew, kick or generally cause havoc with your wheelbarrow and equipment. A favourite trick is to knock the wheelbarrow over so that it's contents are sprawled across the field. The look on their faces surely says 'What? I'm helping!'. What does your horse do that makes you laugh?

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