How To Tame An Unruly Horse

How To Tame An Unruly Horse

It wouldn't be farfetched to suggest that horses are one of the most stunning creatures that walk this earth. These gentle giants can become part of the family and are lifelong companions.

Although, some horses just don't want to be tamed, so how do you calm a wild stallion?

Reach Out

A new environment and strangers can leave a human unnerved so it's very likely that a horse will feel in a similar manner, they are emotional creatures. You need to make the effort and spend some quality time with your new companion, simply just talk and hang out and allow the horse to become familiar with you and your touch. A comfortable horse is a happy horse.

Take It Slow

It can be exciting to invite a new horse into your family, and you may want to play with them straight away. Slow down! You need to build a relationship with your new family member first and take it easy, build up to the riding and jumping. Start with the basics of grooming and leading, then work up to the fun stuff, it's worth the wait. Confidence building is a wonderful cure and will last.

Find The Trigger

There may be a simple cause as to why your horse is behaving badly. If your friend seems a little uncomfortable, then check their coat, are their insects or wounds? Is he up to date with the dentist and Vet? If they are in perfect health, it's time to check the equipment and ensure it fits properly.

It could be a behaviour problem that your horse has learnt, if this is the case then you should keep note of the triggers and causes, then you can fix it. Remember that all behaviour is taught (inadvertently or not) and bad behaviour can be replaced with a good behaviour, through hard work - which is the only way you will obtain an obedient horse.

Body Language

It may be in your nature to be soft and forgiving with your horse but you need to know when to be the leader, a lack of respect equals a bad behaved horse.

Keep up your confidence and make your expectations clear, have a firm hand and voice but be kind, much like raising a child. Horses are incredibly intelligent so they will understand if you let them know.

Use The Naughty Treatment

You can't actually put a horse on the naughty step but you can let a horse know when you are not accepting their behaviour. You need to be strict and ignore a horse if they are pestering, pulling them away from items they shouldn't be chewing and firmly encouraging them to continue their training, even if they'd rather nap. It's not unkind to help them grow.

You should be ensuring that you are rewarding your companion when they are behaving well, that doesn't mean treats but it does mean affection for doing the right thing. It's a basic training, allowing clear communication, which works among many mammals but there's a reason why we do it - it's effective.

The important thing is not to give up on your majestic horse, they are more than capable of being the horse of your dreams, persistence is key and don't forget that!

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