Keeping Your Horse Occupied While On Box Rest

Keeping Your Horse Occupied While On Box Rest

No rider wants to hear that their horse requires box rest but this is an ordeal that you may have to endure. Your horse won't be too happy about it either! So what can you do to ensure that you are able to get at least some time in the saddle and that your horse doesn't get too bored?

Mirrors and Toys

Your horse is not going to enjoy being confined to his stall and boredom will quickly set in. You should make the stall as interesting as possible by adding a few stable mirrors. These must be unbreakable styles suitable for equines. They will provide hours of fun for your horse as they can then play peek-a-boo and hide and seek. You could also invest in a or to provide your horse with a tasty diversion. These clever combination toys contain licks but also challenge your horse.

Cue the Music

If your horse is showing signs of being bored or is distressed by hearing his friends' calls from the paddock then a radio could be the solution. Take a portable radio to the stables to provide some background noise for your animal.

Find some Company for Your Horse

It is hard enough for your horse when they find themselves confined to their stall. But they will feel even worse when they see their stable mates heading for the paddock without them. If there is a horse that could stay back during the day, or for part of the day, this would provide much needed company. Talk to the staff or the other owners to see if anyone has a horse that could also use some rest.

Grooming and Massage

Your horse will appreciate quality time with you and so the box rest could present a great opportunity for you to spend more time than usual grooming your horse. They will also appreciate a nice massage so invest in a massage mitt or ball. A few good bonding sessions will stop your horse from feeling low and will probably improve your mood too.

What About You?

It is incredibly frustrating when you cannot ride your horse. Ask friends if you can ride their mounts occasionally. You never know, there could be a fellow rider who is struggling to exercise their horse because they are unusually busy. If you can't get a few rides this way then book hacks with a local riding school. This will give you the fix you need and you could even make new friends. If you are facing a few weeks or months out of the saddle then it is important that you keep yourself fit. Otherwise it is going to be tough when it is time to jump back in the saddle. If you can't ride regularly then you may need to take up a new hobby to help maintain your fitness levels. If you are still going stir crazy then try volunteering at local equestrian events or offer to help out at the riding school. You will be around horses and helping other people at the same time. This is no substitute for riding but if you are going to be out of action then you might as well do something constructive!

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