The Best Equestrian Apps

The Best Equestrian Apps

Technology has changed our lives for ever and largely for the better. Apps are no exception and help us to do everything from tracking our fitness to finding our way home. Unfortunately, there are also many ridiculous apps which simply defy description. It is hard to imagine who could benefit from an app which measures how far you can throw your phone! Then there's the truly insane Places I've Pooped! (Don't ask!)Happily, there are excellent apps for equestrians which should prove a great deal more useful than recording where you last used the toilet.

Horse Rider SOS

If you ride out alone, this app could be your salvation when you experience a fall. Simply start the app before you set off and if you fall or become unconscious, Horse Rider SOS will notify your nominated guardians that you are in trouble. The app will send them your location so they can get help to you as quickly as possible. Available for iPhone and Android, the app can be found at.

OS Mapfinder

If you are taking a longer ride or riding somewhere new, OS Mapfinder will ensure that you don't get lost. Enabling you to find the local bridleways, this is the official mapping app from Ordnance survey and has an integrated GPS tracker so you always know where you are. At just 69p to £1. 99, this app could be a great investment and you will find it at


It can be difficult to organise your horse's health records but this app changes all that. You can input important health events including vaccinations, dentistry and worming, together with the details of any treatments. The app will remind you when you need to reorder or administer medication and you can track your horse's exercise routine. If someone else cares for your horse, you are able to transfer important information to them via the app. It's free and you will find it at


This is a highly useful app which enables you to monitor your progress on a ride. It will tell you how long you walked, trotted or cantered. This can help you to attain your goals in your training program. It also enables you to connect to your equestrian friends so you can plan your next rides or to your vet if you are concerned for your horse's health. Find the app at


If you find it tricky to decide which rug your horse requires in the colder months, this app will provide the answer. You enter your location and whether your horse is turned out or stabled. The app will make the calculations in consideration of the weather forecast and recommend the correct weight of rug. Get it at.

The HorseHub

This app features entertainment and reference materials from top equestrian brands to keep you ahead of the game. You can enjoy reading training tips from the planet's leading riders including Mary King, Charlotte Dujardin, and Tim Stockdale. You can download the app from itunes.

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