What To Buy Your Horse For Christmas?

What To Buy Your Horse For Christmas?

Christmas is the season of goodwill to all men - and horses! If you are getting into the festive spirit, you may wish to treat your treasured horse to something special, even if their gift won't fit under the Christmas tree. Christmas presents are hard to choose at the best of times so, what should you buy your horse?

The Equine Christmas Stocking

Your horse will always appreciate a few treats. But be careful not to let them over indulge, even at Christmas! The Christmas period can be a time of excess for humans and there is no point continuing the trend at the stable. Your waistline may expand a little over the festive season but you can prevent your horse from piling on the pounds. Why not invest in a swanky stocking and fill it with enough treats to last the year? Your horse can enjoy a few tasty snacks over Christmas and will have everything they need moving forward. Include a few healthy Likits and you are on to a winner!

The Horsey Hamper

If there are few things that your horse could do with, get your hands on a suitable basket and create a seasonal hamper. Grooming equipment, shampoos, treats and licks would all be excellent inclusions and will lift the mood at the yard. The need to deliver the hamper will provide the motivation you need to get down to the stables over Christmas.

Name Plaque

You could honour your horse with a stylish name plaque for their stable. Personalised gifts are always special, even when they are for your horse. The signs are available in a variety of materials including wood, reclaimed wood, brass and aluminium and so you are sure to find a style that offers the perfect look for your yard.

Boredom Breaker

Boredom could always be a factor with horses and so toys will come in handy and make for useful distractions. The boredom breakers are well-designed toys which enable horses to play and to relieve their stress and boredom. This could be particularly useful over the busy Christmas period when you may have less time to spend with your horse than usual.

Stable Rugs and Turnout Rugs

Christmas could provide the perfect opportunity to treat your horse to a new stable rug or turnout rug. Your horse may need a little extra insulation in the winter months and the rugs also help to keep your horse clean and so will minimise your work load. This could be a major boon over Christmas when there will be plenty of demands on your time.

The Gift of Time

If you lead a busy life and feel that you don't really devote enough time to your horse, make an effort to spend time with them over Christmas and to dedicate more time to riding in the new year. Take the time to give your horse a really good groom from head to toe, getting all that embedded mud out will make them feel better. Your horse will appreciate this precious gift more than any other and it doesn't cost you a penny extra!

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