You Never Know What Could Happen On A Hack

You Never Know What Could Happen On A Hack

Many horses are easily spooked and so you must always be on your guard. When you are out and about it is impossible to predict what could happen next! From branches falling from trees to noisy dogs suddenly appearing on the bridleway, surprises can lurk around every corner. Personally, I will never forget the day that I was thrown into a ditch when the horse I was riding got spooked by a holly bush! I would have struggled to see that one coming but I made sure it never happened again.

Teenager Thrown from Horse

Accidents can happen and you accept that but unfortunately some issues are caused by mischief makers and that is much harder accept. A teenager recently found this out the hard way. Fourteen-year-old Ella Storey was riding her pony, Puzzle, down a track in Tameside when a large man leapt from nearby bushes and started waving his hands. Poor Ella was thrown from her mount and then trampled following the unexpected ambush. She suffered a broken nose and bruising to the face during the incident. Luckily, she was with a friend at the time. The man didn't stop to help and simply ran off. What a coward!

Broken Nose After Being Kicked in the Face

Ella was extremely frightened. To make matters worse, her face went numb, leaving her fearing that she had lost her teeth. But she still managed to catch Puzzle and return to the yard. Her face had swelled considerably and her nose was broken but there was no further damage other than scrapes on her face from Puzzle's shoe. Puzzle was unhurt.

Nervous of Riding Alone

The teenager was forced to miss a few day's schooling and had to wait for a referral to a maxillofacial clinic to have her nose set. However, she has not been put off riding and has a very strong bond with her pony puzzle. She is, however, nervous of riding out alone and so prefers to ride in groups in case anything should happen again.

Shocking Behaviour from an Adult

Nobody knows what inspired the man to leap out at Ella and her friend. Some people's behaviour is beyond any understanding. It is such a shame that teenagers can't go for a peaceful ride without a reckless individual sparking an incident which was terrible but could have been so much worse.

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