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Equilibrium Massage Mitt Hotspot

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Equilibrium Massage Mitt Hotspot

Let your horse relax with comforting heat and massage

● Choose from heat and two types of massage.

● Three different massage strengths allows you to tailor the massage.

● Reach any muscle with the lightweight, portable design.

● Quick and effective ten-minute programmes.

● Battery operated with international charger.

Why not try the Hotspot on yourself too?

Additional Information

With the choice of heat and two types of massage, the Hotspot can be used in various


● Use cyclical massage when you are holding the Hotspot still to target a specific area

or trigger point.

● Use continuous massage when moving the Hotspot in a sweeping action over larger

areas, allowing it to deliver the same message to the muscles.

● Use heat to help increase circulation. Normally used for sensitive horses or on

muscles prior to stretching.

● Use both heat and massage together for the ultimate combination. This is best used

in one area or over a small area.

Choosing your massage setting

To choose your desired setting press the cyclical or continuous massage button once to

select the lowest intensity. Pushing the same button again will up the intensity to the

medium level and finally, pushing it for a third time will turn it to the highest setting.

Pushing the same button for the fourth time will turn the Hotspot off. For the heat option,

simply push the relevant button once for on, and again for off.

Use LOW for a relaxing massage best suited for use after exercise, on a day off, for a

sensitive horse or when using the Hotspot for the first time.

Use MEDIUM for general maintenance and everyday use, best suited prior to exercise.

Use HIGH for those horses who like a more intense massage, if your horse has a thick coat

or is slightly overweight.

Battery Life:

The battery can take up to 12 hours for a full charge, and once charged will power at least

10 x 10-minute sessions with heat and massage on the high setting.

Heat does draw more from the battery than massage will. When the battery gets to the

stage where it no longer has enough power to run the heat function, the lights on the

control panel will flash and turn off. You will still be able to run the massage functions for a

while after this happens however, to use heat again please fully recharge your battery.

Safety Considerations:

Do not use on the following (for humans and horses):

● Active bleeding, bruising or haematoma.

● Bony areas such as the wither, point of shoulder or hip.

● Open wounds, new injuries, or new swelling (for the first 48 hours).

● Where there is suspected infection or malignant tumours.

● Burn injuries or deep vein thrombosis.

● Over the abdomen if pregnant.

● Circulatory problems, causing hypo or hypersensitivity to heat.

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