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Agrobs Myo Protein Flakes 20kg - Free P&P

Agrobs Myo Protein Flakes 20kg - Free P&P

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Myo Protein Flakes is a natural, fibre-based feed for horses with higher protein requirements. It is made up of Myoalpin® fibres – a special blend of protein-rich meadow grasses and herbs – and contains no added molasses or artificial preservatives. Myo Protein Flakes provides your horse with easy-to-digest proteins and amino acids to help build muscle tone. It is high in crude protein and fibre for improved structure. Myo Protein Flakes gives your horse the nutrients of meadows, including essential amino acids, natural beta-Carotene and vitamin E. It is suitable for sport and breeding horses and can also be used to replace lost muscle tone due to illness or age. Myo Protein Flakes is a versatile supplement for both woody, low-protein hay harvested late in the season and for low-protein, cereal-free concentrated feeds. Recommended usage: - As a supplement to low-protein roughage: 300 – 500 g per 100 kg of ideal body weight daily - As a concentrated feed: 1.2 kg Myo Protein Flakes in place of about 1 kg cereal - For sport and breeding horses: 500 – 800 g per 100 kg of ideal body weight daily - 1 kg Myo Protein Flakes soaked in 1.5 – 3 litres of water, gradually introducing the new feed - Softening the flakes through soaking is recommended - An AGROBS® mineral feed should be used as a mineral supplement, tailored to your horse’s needs.

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