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Agrobs Pre Alpen Senior 12.5kg

Agrobs Pre Alpen Senior 12.5kg

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The needs of an ageing horse should be taken into account in its feeding regimen. Signs of an ageing horse include greying of the hair in the head area, changes in metabolism, reduced regeneration capacity and abrasion or loss of teeth. These factors make it harder for the horse to use its food efficiently, so the aim of feeding an old horse should be to provide adequate energy and nutrient absorption to maintain good body condition. Ground feed is usually the basis of a horse’s diet, even in old age, but in cases where the horse has problems with the absorption of ground feed, alternatives such as Pre Alpine Senior need to be found. Pre Alpine Senior is specially designed for old horses or horses that cannot chew basic food and provides the horse with energy, essential fatty acids, and raw fibre. It is dust and mildew free and should be offered in daily quantities of 1.2 to 1.5 kg per 100 kg of targeted body weight as a basic feed substitute or to enhance the basic feed, and 1.2 kg Pre Alpine Senior should replace approximately 1 kg of cereals as a feed substitute.

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