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Agrobs Pre Alpin Wiesenflakes 20kg

Agrobs Pre Alpin Wiesenflakes 20kg

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PRE ALPIN® WIESENFLAKES® are a high-quality forage alternative from Agrobs®, made with innovative production methods for a palatable and highly digestible feed. They are formulated to meet the needs of senior horses and those with dental problems and difficulty chewing. The flake-like form is easy to feed, quick-soaking, and palatable. PRE ALPIN® WIESENFLAKES® are made with over 60 different kinds of meadow grasses and herbs and are designed to supply the horse with optimal amounts of crude fibre. These flakes contain natural vitamins, trace elements, and minerals and are low in protein, starch, fructans, and molasses. They are free of mould and dust, and contain no added essential oils or artificial aromas. PRE ALPIN® WIESENFLAKES® can be used as a basic feed (100% hay substitute) or as a concentrate supplement, and can also be used to enhance the hay, silage, or pasture in the horse's diet. They are also beneficial for horses with respiratory problems, age-related weight loss, or difficulty eating due to dental problems.

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