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Agrobs Wiesencobs Meadow Cobs 20kg

Agrobs Wiesencobs Meadow Cobs 20kg

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Agrobs Pre Alpine Meadow Cobs bring herbal health and natural grasses into the stable, including fescue, yarrow, Swedish clover, bear claw, smooth oats, meadow fox tail, crumb-grass and many more natural grasses and herbs. Hygienically compressed, free from dust and mould particles and other pollution, these haycobs can help to provide nutritional benefits for horses, particularly those with respiratory problems, dust allergies and coughs and those with digestion problems. This hay is rich in energy, without putting too much strain on the horse's system due to the low protein content. The herbs and grasses are grown in an intact natural environment and warm-air dried in a way that preserves the important nutrients such as ßkarotin and vitamin E and calcium. 

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