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Allen & Page

Allen & Page Quiet Mix 20kg

Allen & Page Quiet Mix 20kg

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Allen & Page Quiet Mix Horse Feed is the perfect choice for horses and ponies who are at rest, in light work, or ridden occasionally. It provides all the nutrients your horse needs without too much energy. It is also ideal for the early stages of a fitness program or for horses in regular work, as well as those competing at a local level. Key Benefits: Balanced with vitamins and minerals, contains prebiotics for healthy digestion, and includes linseed, a great source of Omega 3. Feeding Guide: Be sure to dampen the feed before feeding. Introduce the feed gradually over 7-10 days, increasing the amount until you reach the necessary level to maintain the horse's condition and energy levels (0.5-6.75kg depending on size, type, workload, and condition). Allen & Page can not be held responsible for any problems encountered if the feed is not prepared according to our recommendations. This feed should be fed with forage and fresh water. Do not feed to sheep.

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