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Baileys Animal Feeds

Baileys No. 2 Working Cubes 20kg

Baileys No. 2 Working Cubes 20kg

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No.2 Working Cubes Horse Feed 20kg is a versatile, barley-free feed that is perfect for all types of horses and ponies, from leisure horses to performance horses in early fittening work. This low-starch, high-fibre feed contains a combination of fibre sources and micronised wheat for slow release energy to fuel work and maintain condition without exacerbating excitable temperaments. It is fully balanced with vitamins and minerals to provide quality protein for great muscle tone and soya oil for a healthy coat, with additional non-heating energy. This feed can be fed alongside Lo-Cal balancer or Performance Balancer for horses in harder work, as it has a lower energy level and higher fibre content than the average horse and pony cube. 

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