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Baileys Animal Feeds

Baileys No. 3 Stud Cubes 20kg

Baileys No. 3 Stud Cubes 20kg

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Stud Cubes, an energy-dense feed, are popular among breeders who have larger groups of mares or youngstock due to their cost-effective nature and ease of feeding on the ground. These cubes are especially beneficial for horses with a limited appetite and horses that tend to be excitable, as they are barley-free and a lower starch alternative to Stud Mix. In addition, they are highly digestible and can be used to promote condition while still supporting the nutritional needs of breeding stock and growing youngsters. Stud Cubes feature a similar vitamin and mineral profile to that of Stud Mix and can be fed in reduced quantities alongside Stud Balancer in order to provide flexibility in the calorie content of the diet while still providing essential nutrients. 

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