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Barrier Sheath Cleanser 250ml

Barrier Sheath Cleanser 250ml

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Ensure your gelding's sheath is clean and healthy with Sheath Cleanser. This gentle cleanser utilizes mild vegetable surfactants and pure lanolin to soften and loosen any tough smegma buildup. The lanolin breaks down the smegma while the vegetable surfactants clear it away without stripping away the natural bacteria. Regular cleaning of the sheath is essential to prevent a buildup of smegma and the health complications that can come with it. Although non-toxic and non-irritant, extreme caution must be taken when cleaning inside the sheath as the smegma can be razor sharp and easily graze the thin membrane, leading to infection. Applying Sheath Cleanser directly to the penis after your horse relieves itself is the safest and easiest way to ensure cleanliness.

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