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Barrier V1 Spray Disinfectant 500ml

Barrier V1 Spray Disinfectant 500ml

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Barrier V1 Disinfectant is a powerful, multi-purpose solution formulated to eradicate all known bacteria, mould and fungi. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor hard surfaces, and eliminates odors quickly while killing bacteria before it can spread. This disinfectant spray is manufactured with concentrated plant derivatives that are non-toxic and safe to use even in concentrated form. The fast-acting product can be applied manually with a knapsack sprayer or through a pressure washer, orchard sprayer, or similar. It has been independently tested at 1:40 parts water and has a high kill rate against Salmonella, E. coli, monocytogenes, and Aspergillus. This disinfectant is ideal for quick re-stocking and is safe to use on organic systems.

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