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Bedmax Shavings 18kg

Bedmax Shavings 18kg

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BEDMAX Dust Free Pine Shavings provide a purpose-built bedding solution for horses and ponies. Surveyed by Horse & Hound and the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA), BEDMAX shavings were chosen by more owners than any other brand of purpose-made bedding. Made from fresh timber from renewable UK forestry, these shavings are designed to address issues that threaten the health and welfare of horses in stables. With one of the lowest levels of dust and spores on the market, BEDMAX helps to provide a clean, supportive bed that cushions hocks and other joints, keeps hooves healthy, and encourages horses to rest and achieve deep REM sleep. The pine also offers natural antibacterial action against harmful bacteria and fungi. To make the perfect bed, 4 to 6 bags of BEDMAX shavings should be used, spread evenly and fluffed up with a shavings fork. Banks of shavings can be heaped at the sides and should be replenished every 1-1.5 weeks to maintain a depth of 6-8 inches. Mucking out should be done as soon as possible, with any clean shavings shaken off and back onto the surface.

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