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Speedi Beet

British Horse Feeds Speedi-Beet 20kg

British Horse Feeds Speedi-Beet 20kg

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Speedi-Beet is a cooked sugar beet pulp product, processed in a patented method, that produces flakes that take a much shorter time to soak than conventional sugar beet shreds or pellets. This product has a high fibre content, mostly soluble fibre that is easily digested and yields a slow release of energy. It is low in sugar and does not contain any starch. It offers a Digestible Energy content that is similar to that of a conditioning feed, making it a great source of non-heating calories. Speedi-Beet can be fed as the sole additional calorie source when mixed with forage, or with a Lo-Cal, Performance or Stud Balancer to provide the missing nutrients from a forage/fibre-only diet. It is ideal for horses that require minimal or controlled starch intake, like those prone to laminitis or tying-up. 

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