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Carr Day Martin

Carr & Day & Martin Carrs Leather Oil 300ml

Carr & Day & Martin Carrs Leather Oil 300ml

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Carrs Leather Oil is the perfect choice for intensively nourishing and moisturising leather items, making them soft and supple. This specially formulated, viscous oil is a heavy-duty alternative to Neatsfoot oil and is suitable for excessively dry, cracked, and brittle leather items. It not only softens and supples, but also provides waterproofing properties, making it perfect for saddlery, harness, and walking boots. To use, make sure the leather is clean and apply a thin layer to the flesh side. Allow to soak in for at least 24 hours and, if desired, apply a thin layer to the grain side. If the leather remains dry, you can re-apply, but be careful not to over-oil. This product is not suitable for aniline, untreated leather, suede, or nubuck. Always test on a hidden area before use.

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