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Emerald Green

Emerald Green Alfalfa-Mazing 15kg

Emerald Green Alfalfa-Mazing 15kg

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Alfalfa-Mazing is an all-natural equine feed that has been used and documented for over 2000 years. Our Alfalfa-mazing is grown on our sunny Lincolnshire farm and contains exceptional levels of calcium, perfect for promoting bone strength. Its high protein content promotes muscle growth and repair, and its superior fibre content ensures the health and wellbeing of your horse or pony. With low starch and sugar levels, Alfalfa-mazing provides slow, non-fizzy energy release. It is also suitable for equines with or prone to laminitis due to its naturally low sugar levels. Alfalfa-mazing contains no other ingredients - just 100% pure Alfalfa. It contains all the necessary vitamins and nutrients needed to keep your horse or pony healthy, from rest to competition. Feed it alone or alongside other Emerald Green Feeds products.

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