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Emerald Green

Emerald Green Grass Pellets 20kg

Emerald Green Grass Pellets 20kg

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Emerald Green Feeds Grass Pellets are a natural, high-value feed. By harvesting the grass at its peak stage of growth and flash drying at a high temperature, we are able to preserve all the essential vitamins and minerals your horse needs for optimal health and wellbeing.

These pellets offer many advantages for horse owners. They can be used all year round in varying amounts, meaning you can customize your horse's feeding regime to the amount of work it's doing and the quality of grazing available. For example, you may use a lower quantity of feed during the spring and summer months when grazing is in abundance, and increase the amount during the autumn and winter when there's less available.

Using Emerald Green Feeds Grass Pellets also means you are in full control of your horse's grass intake, reducing the risk of laminitis. They can also be useful for horses on box rest, who don't have access to grazing. With Emerald Green Feeds Grass Pellets, you can provide your horse with the same great health and condition it enjoys during the summer months, all year round.

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