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Equine America

Equine America Forget Flies In-Feed Solution 1 Litre

Equine America Forget Flies In-Feed Solution 1 Litre

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Forget Flies In-Feed Solution is an innovative, natural solution to help repel flies from your horse! Developed with the latest research and patented technology, this solution combines specially standardized polysulphides derived from garlic, MSM and methionine to create a unique molecular fingerprint that is ingested through the horse's daily feed. The polysulphides are then absorbed into the bloodstream and released through the skin in the form of volatile organic compounds. These compounds stimulate an adverse reaction in the sensory receptors of flies and other biting insects, creating a significant repellent effect. In addition to the polysulphides, this solution also contains organic zinc, cider vinegar and seaweed to support skin and coat health. 

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