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Equine America

Equine America Forget Flies Spray 500ml

Equine America Forget Flies Spray 500ml

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Forget Flies Spray uses innovative new technology and natural ingredients to repel flies and biting insects!

Forget Flies 'silent' Spray has a revolutionary spray application with a significantly reduced 'hiss' which makes it the fly spray of choice for horses who resent conventional spray applicators.

Utilizing the latest research, and innovative, patented technology, Forget Flies Spray improves the time-honoured, natural fly deterrent properties of garlic, using the latest technology to produce a highly effective fly spray, which works each and every time, unlike the highly variable compounds in garlic powder or granules.

Extensive research in the USA and UK has shown that these unique and consistent volatile compounds stimulate an adverse reaction in the sensory receptors of the flies and other ecto-parasites and biting insects, resulting in a significant repellent effect.

These effects are achieved through specific technology which transforms natural, sulphur-based compounds derived from garlic, to deter flies from landing on the horse.

Benefits of Forget Flies Spray

  • Revolutionary spray applicator, with significant reduced 'hiss' to help nervous or sensitive horses who object to conventional spray applicators.
  • Combines uniquely standardised polysulphides, naturally produced from garlic using specialised patented technology, removing the significant variations found in straight garlic, to ensure consistent levels of active compounds in every spray.
  • Unique molecular fingerprint polysulphides applied to the coat release the volatile compounds into the air around the horse and stimulate an adverse reaction in the sensory receptors of the flies and other biting insects.
  • Flies and other biting insects and ecto-parasites are repelled and don't land on the horse!
  • Naturally derived product with unique technology, no harmful chemicals and is environmentally friendly.
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