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Equine America Pro Gut Balancer 450g

Equine America Pro Gut Balancer 450g

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Equine America Pro-Gut Balancer is a triple action pre and probiotic supplement with MOS, on a palatable linseed and alfalfa base, designed to help maintain the health of the microbial population in the gut of performance horses. This unique combination of pre and probiotics, together with a mannan oligosaccharide (MOS), helps to promote optimal digestive function and energy production from dietary fibre sources, while also synthesizing vital B vitamins and vitamin K, preventing colonization by pathogenic micro-organisms, and boosting immunity - all of which are important for optimum health and performance in equine athletes. Recommended feeding directions are 30g per day during periods of peak disruption, or 15g per day for maintenance, with a maximum of 60g per day.

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