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Equine America

Equine America Sand Out Pellets 2.6kg

Equine America Sand Out Pellets 2.6kg

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Sandout Pellets, is specifically designed to help expel excess sand from the digestive system of horses and ponies. It contains over 90% pelleted psyllium to form a gelatinous compound and stimulate the muscular waves or peristalsis that pushes the contents of the gut along its length. Additionally, it contains a live yeast probiotic to help restore a healthy microbiome. Sandout Pellets should be fed for 7 consecutive days each month to be effective. Each pack contains 2.6kg, which provides 4 x 7 day courses. For best results, it should be added to feed just before feeding, making sure not to add to wet food or allow it to soak up moisture.

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